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Intel Fortran Composer XE for Linux Single Academic (ESD)

Art.No.: IFCXL.0051
Intel Fortran Composer XE for Linux Single Academic (ESD)

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Manufacturer: Intel
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Intel Fortran Composer XE for Linux Single Academic (ESD)

Reduce code size, speed up applications and protect your application development tools investment with Intel® Fortran Composer. It combines Fortran 95/2003 language features (some 2008 features are also implemented) with Intel code generation and optimization technology to deliver outstanding application performance for the latest Intel multi-core processors. It is source- and command-line compatible with Compaq Visual Fortran, includes many industry extensions, and integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 upward.

*** Moreover, we offer training courses, consulting and software development for and with Intel Fortran. Please contact us.

ESD Electronic software delivery, SSR Support Service Renewal:
We send a link to Intel's download center and a license key or a serial number. With this your register the licensed product for you, and then you can download it. The license key or the serial number respectivel can be used for installation. If you encounter difficulties, Intel's Support helps, or you contact us. We don't leave you alone, if something is not working properly!

Academic License: According to Intel academic licenses may only be sold to "degree granting institutions". They may not be used for commercial purposes (in particular, software being created with such an academic license, may not be sold).
Commercial License: Commercial licenses permit to use the software for commercial purposes (you may sell software you have created using such a commercial license).

Studio Upgrades:
Intel allows customers who own an eligible (*) Intel software product with active support to upgrade to

  • Intel Parallel Studio XE (Art.No.: IPSXLU.01##, IPSXWU.01##)
  • Intel C++ Studio XE (Art.No.: ICSXLU.01##, ICSXWU.01##)
  • Intel Cluster Studio XE (Art.No.: ICSTLU.01##, ICSTWU.01##)
  • Intel Fortran Studio XE (Art.No.: IFSLU.00##, IFSWU.00##)
at a price which is significantly lower than purchasing a new licence of the Intel Studio product.

(*) For details which Intel software product can be upgraded to which Intel Studio product see Intel's website.Or, you ask us.
When you order a "Upgrade SSR", please specify the serial or license number, respectively, of your Intel software product (step 2 of the order process).
For academic pricing (universities only), please contact us.

[!] Price Alert

We are happy to inform you about a price change of this product respectively when it hits the price you want to purchase.

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Current product Intel Fortran Composer XE for Linux Single Academic (ESD) Intel Fortran Composer XE for Linux Single Academic (ESD)
Art.No.: IFCXL.0051  
412,93 €*