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Forcheck site, Linux (download)

Art.No.: FORCHK.0260
Forcheck site, Linux (download)
Fortran Syntax- & Consistency-Check

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Manufacturer: Forcheck b.v.
Category: CASE Tools
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Forcheck site, Linux (download)

Forcheck is the oldest and most comprehensive Fortran verifier on the market. It performs a static analysis of a Fortran program or separate Fortran program units. Forcheck detects more anomalies in your program than most compilers do. Because it locates bugs as early in the development phase as possible, it saves you time and annoyance and helps you to produce more reliable code.
Forcheck is ideally suited to get a fast insight in programs under development, in existing and legacy programs. It composes optimal documentation of your project with cross-reference tables of each program unit, a survey of the complete program and a call-tree. Forcheck can be used as a software engineering tool in the various stages of the development process and can verify the conformance to each level of the Fortran standard. Beside the full Fortran syntax Forcheck supports many language extensions of all popular compilers.
Forcheck is fully configurable so you can tune the analysis and output to your needs. You can store the global information of the analyzed program units in libraries and reference these libraries in subsequent Forcheck runs to verify the consistency of all references, usage of modules and common-blocks.
Forcheck is very suitable as a cross-platform development tool. It is available on various platforms and supports Fortran 66, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, Fortran 95, High Performance Fortran and Fortran 2003. Many Fortran 2008 language features are accepted and most language extensions of all popular compilers are supported.

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Current product Forcheck site, Linux (download) Forcheck site, Linux (download)
Art.No.: FORCHK.0260  
Fortran Syntax- & Consistency-Check
2.618,00 €*