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Absoft ProFortran

Product number: APF#

Fortran Development System, available for Linux, MacOSX, and Windows

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Pro Fortran features exclusive dynamic AP load balancing technology for 20% faster code. A new SMP & Vector Analyzer to graphically review your optimized code, GPU support & more!
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ESD Electronic Software Delivery:
We send a link to Absoft's download account and a license key. With this you can download and install the the licensed product. If you encounter difficulties, Absoft's Support helps, or you contact us. We don't leave you alone, if something is not working properly!

Academic License: Academic licenses may be sold to educational institutions, their employees and students only. They may not be used for commercial purposes.
Commercial License: Commercial Licenses permit a commercial use.
More Variants and Updates: More variants of the compiler systems are available, e.g. for STAR-CD, DEFORM. You also can purchase updates and maintenance contract from us. Also, mixed licenses for different operating systems are possible (e.g. Windows & Linux license combination: "MaxFlex2, MaxFlex3"). Please inquire.

Maintenance: Maintenance is additionally available. Absoft's maintenance ("Continuing Software Maintenance (CSM)") includes for one year all updates and technical support by Absoft. Patches and service packs can be downloaded from Absofts WebSite.