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Lahey Fortran for Windows

Product number: LFNET

Fortran Development Systems for Windows

LF Fortran is the successor of the the LF95 development system.
It is available in two editions:
  • LF Fortran Professional
  • LF Fortran Express
LF Fortran Express essentially consist of
  • 32-bit Fortran 95 compiler
  • Linker and librarian
  • Command-line debugger
The Express edition neither does include a development environment nor an editor. It can be started only from the command line (DOS prompt) and can generate console applications only.

The Professional edition extends this by
  • 64-bit Fortran compiler (GFortran)
  • Winteracter Starter Kit (WiSK) - for simple Graphics and GUI development
  • Integrated development environment (MS/Visual Studio Shell)
  • Source code debugger integrated in Visual Studio
  • Fujitsu Visual Analyzer for graphica program analysis (e.g. to determine the call hierarchy of a program and generating "call trees")
  • Optimized BLAS / LAPACK libraries (for Linear Algebra)
  • Fujitsu Scientific Subroutine Library 2
With LF Professional it is possible to generate both console applications and Windows applications.

ESD Electronic Software Delivery:
We send a download link and a serial number for installation.

Commercial License: Commercial Licenses permit a commercial use.
Academic/Educational License: Academic licenses may be purchased by educational institutions, their employees and students only. They must not be used for commercial purposes.
Licensing: Lahey Fortran ist not available as a floating network edition (single user licenses only).

Updates, Upgrades etc.: Of course, we deliver updates and upgrades too. Even LF90 can be ordered from us. Please contact us.