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GINO Graphics Libraries

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Graphics Libraries for PCs (Windows, Linux)

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GINO is a high-end feature-rich API for creating complex 2D and 3D graphics and GUI applications. The products are in use in industries such as aerospace, defence, oil&gas, ocean/marine, chemical, forestry, optics and other leading engineering organizations. GINO products are available for Fortran and C/C++ under Windows and Linux.
GINO is available in different variants which bundle the following components
  • GINO-F or GINO-C - basic drawing primitives for 2D and 3D graphics
  • GINOGRAF - for generation of 2D-diagrams
  • GINOSURF - for programming of manifold 3D-graphics types
  • GINOMENU - Functions for GUI design
  • MENUSTUDIO - Editor for GUI design (generates GINOMENU based source code)
The following bundles are offered:
  • Standard Edition = GINO, GINOMENU, MENUSTUDIO
  • Developer Edition = GINO, GINOGRAF, GINOSURF
  • Professional Edition = GINO, GINOGRAF, GINOSURF, GINOMENU

*** Moreover we offer training courses, consulting and software development with GINO. Please contact us.

Please specify the type of compiler you wish to use the library with. If applicable, specify also if you want a 32-bit or 64-bit variant. You can give us this piece of information when finalizing your order (3rd step of the order process).
Updates: In most cases, we can also offer updates and upgrades. Please ask.

Download Delivery and ESD Electronic Software Delivery:
We send a download link, which allows to download the software (incl. documentation). And we deliver a serial number or a license key and if applicable, an installation code.
In case you order support (maintenance), you will obtain the eligibility to download the most recent version of the software for the support period (usually 1 year) and to use it.
Educational License: This license type is available only to educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities). They must not be used for commercial purposes.
Academic License: This license type is available only to academic, non-profit organisations (e.g. governmental research institutions). They must not be used for commercial purposes.
Commercial License: Commercial licenses permit a commercial use.
Licensing: If not specified otherwise, the software is available only as a single user license for a named user.