Shipping and Charges

Shipping Costs

For deliveries within the EU via German Post/DHL, UPS, FedEx etc., respectively, we add a flat charge (which is indicated when ordering).
For deliveries to a country outside of the EU, shipping costs depend on the shipper's rate (e.g., UPS, Federal Express). Please note, that you possibly have to clear the goods with your customs authorities and pay duties and taxes (usually, we choose a shipper which may supply this kind of service to you).
In case of delivery via "download" (ESD) or via e-mail shipping costs do not apply.

Transaction Costs

Unfortunately, most financial service providers and banks charge significant fees for finance transactions. For instance: In case of credit card payments, the credit card companies charge us fees of up to 5% of the invoice total. And internet payment providers add an additional charge which may be up to another 4%. Furthermore we bear a currency risk.
Due to the low margins manufacturers and distributors allow us, we cannot consider transaction costs directly in our prices, but have to indicate them explicitely when invoicing.
Usually, you can minimize transaction costs when paying by money transfer (choose advance payment). In case of money transfers from a foreign account, please note that all banking fees are paid by you.