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Monday, October 18, 2004

Service Pack Update available: Final Service Pack for Pro Fortran v8.2 for Mac OS X

Absoft has posted the final Service Pack for Pro Fortran v8.2 for Macintosh OS X. This Service Pack contains all previous updates plus new updates to components of the Pro Fortran v8.2 OS X package, including several improvements and problem fixes.

To download and install this Service Pack go to: www.absoft.com/download/osxdownloads.html

All users who are running the academic or commercial release of Pro Fortran v8.2 for Mac OS X should download this Service Pack / Update.

Absoft at SC2004 High Performance Computing Conference

Visit Absoft
in Booth 807 at Supercomputing 2004 in Pittsburgh, PA from Nov. 6-12, 2004! SC2004, the world’s leading conference on high performance computing, networking and storage, will be held in the brand new David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh on November 6-12, 2004.
The SC2004 Conference will bring representatives from many technical communities together to exchange ideas, celebrate past successes and plan for the future.

Absoft Compilers, Debuggers & Development Tools for Windows, OS X & Linux 

Other products available from Absoft include Pro Fortran v9.0 for Windows and Mac OS X, high-performance Fortran 95 compilers for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux (including for x64-based 64-bit processors such as the AMD Opteron and Intel's EM64T), Pro Fortran v8.2 for PowerPC Linux, the industry-leading Fx2™ Debugger, the powerful Absoft IDE and the high-performance command-line IBM XL Fortran and XL C/C++ for Mac OS X.  For more info visit: www.absoft.com.

Order products from Absoft  for any platform via: www.absoft.com/Pricing/fortran_compiler_navigator.html or call Absoft Sales at 248-853-0050.

Absoft's compiler suites for OS X, Windows and Linux include the new Fx2™ multi-language debugger with C/C++ , Fortran  and assembler support.
See: www.absoft.com/Products/Debuggers/debugger.html

Product Upgrades: See if you have the latest version of your products from Absoft at https://www.absoft.com/download/downloads.html

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