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August 11th, 2004

"The Leading Compiler and Debugging Tool Provider for Fortran/C/C++"

New Release: Absoft Announces Pro Fortran Compiler Suite 9.0 for Macintosh OS X
Faster performance, new debugger, new support for multiple compilers, Fortran 2003

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New Release:

Absoft Announces Pro Fortran Compiler Suite 9.0 for Macintosh OS X
Faster, more features and more flexible than ever

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  • Improved optimizations increase compiler performance up to 20%
  • Fortran 2003 features supported...
  • Fx2 debugger, the industry’s best Fortran debugger now included Fx2 supports Absoft, XL Fortran and XL C/C++, GNU compilers
  • NEW IDE supports Absoft Fortran, XL Fortran, XL C/C++, GNU
  • Improved editor
  • NEW IMSL v5.0, auto parallel, auto vector, (optional)
  • Special upgrade pricing available through 31 December 2004. Order Now.

Rochester Hills, MI (August 11, 2004) - Absoft Corporation announced today the availability of their Pro Fortran Compiler Suite version 9.0 for Macintosh OS X. Absoft’s Pro Fortran Compiler Suite is the most complete Macintosh Fortran tool kit available. It includes F95 and C/C++ compilers, a powerful Integrated Development Environment, and Fx2™, world’s best Fortran Debugging Solution™. It is Panther compatible and tuned for high performance on the G5 processor.

The Absoft Pro Fortran Compiler Suite for Macintosh OS X is the world’s #1 Fortran compiler and developer’s tool kit for OS X because it is the only environment specifically designed for developing software in Fortran on Macintosh. The Absoft Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is included at no additional charge with all versions of Pro Fortran for Windows and Macintosh. The Absoft IDE is a stand alone application tool suite that provides graphical interfaces for multiple compilers (Absoft, XL Fortran, XL C/C++, gcc for OSX) and select third party tools (IMSL, VAST, 2D/3D graphics) which operate as plug ins.

Absoft is the only Fortran vendor offering bundle pricing on source compatible Fortran solutions for all of today’s leading platforms.

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   Pro Fortran v9.0 Integrated Development Environment

       - now supports IBM XL Fortran and XL C/C++ compilers

Pro Fortran provides the industry’s best IDE for Fortran programmers, which now makes the complete edit, compile, debug, run process available to other vendors' compilers in addition to those from Absoft. Effective with Pro Fortran v9.0, the Absoft IDE supports IBM XL Fortran and XL C/C++ compilers. The IBM compilers can be used independently or in conjunction with the Absoft Fortran 95 compiler. The new IDE with v9.0 even allows sharing a single copy of VAST between Absoft's compilers and the IBM compilers. Save money and get more productive,
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VAST-F/Vector now available for IBM XL Fortran

Automatically insert vector directives into your code with VAST-F/Vector to take advantage of the Altivec vector-processor on the G5 chips. Increase code speed up to 200% with the simple click of a mouse. A single copy of VAST can work with both Absoft and IBM compilers. VAST-C/Vector for IBM XL C/C++ is coming soon... VAST-F/Vector is only $500... Read more product
details or order now...

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Fx2 Debugger - for Fortran, C/C++ and assembler

Read more product details and pricing...

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New Floating Licenses from Absoft

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Fortran Compilers and Tool Suites for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh

Other products available from Absoft include Pro Fortran for Windows, high-performance Fortran 95 compilers for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux (including for the AMD64 / Opteron) and the high-performance command-line IBM XL Fortran for Macintosh OS X / PowerPC. For more info visit:

To order any products from Absoft or find out more information, including pricing:

All Pro Fortran compiler suites include a free C/C++ compiler and a complete interactive development environment for OS X and Windows, along with Absoft’s desktop Fx2 Fortran Debugger (available for OS X, Windows, and Linux). The desktop Fx2 Debugger greatly improves productivity over any other Fortran debuggers available, includes a graphical interface, and has multi-language support. Fx2 Debugger for 64-bit Linux users was released in March along with a cluster debugging graphical interface option. Read more at: and

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