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The attendee shall be familiarized with the operation of the project environment of Microsoft Visual Studio (2005 or 2008) and its essential components. He/she learns to set up projects, to configure them, to create different application types, and to weigh their programming efforts against benefits.

Execution, Contents & Topics

The course is held in form of a workshop. That means, lectures alternate with practical exercises. Topics:

The course provides approx. 8 hours training (9 a.m.-5 p.m., incl. breaks in the morning and in the afternoon -15 min. each and a lunch break of approx. one hour). The costs for drinks and snacks during the two short breaks are included in the registration fee. The participants can go to a nearby restaurant during the lunch break (the costs for the lunch are not included).

Course Documents

Größere Darstellung mit einem Mausklick...The course documents consist of a tutorial (either English or German, size approx. 100 pages, incl. index and more than over 70 illustrations) and example programs and projects on CD-ROM. They are included in the registration fee.


Fortran 77 programming experience and some Fortran 90 knowledge (INTERFACE, MODULE should be known), basic knowledge of Windows OS.

Date and Location

Next date: Wednesday, 28th November 2012 (German course)
Application deadline: 3 weeks before begin of course
Location: Berlin, Germany


Registration fee: 430.00 plus 19% VAT per person, (incl. supply of PC and Intel Visual Fortran and Microsoft Visual studio).
Your registration can be accomplished informally or you can use our registration forms

Note: The minimum number of attendees is 4, the maximum number is 8 attendees. A cancelation of the registration is free of charge before the application deadline, 80% of the registration fee will be charged after this date (an alternate attendee can be named). A course would not take place when the minimum number of participants could not be reached. In this case, we will inform you on time, i.e. at the latest 2 weeks before the course begins. The registration fee is billed after the end of the course (terms net: 14 days).

In-house Trainings

If you are interested on the execution of the course for your company or your institute in your or at our site, please ask. We comply with your concrete requests with pleasure and arrange a special training program. At present, you can select from the topics:

  1. Intel Visual Fortran & Visual Studio operation and functionality (project definition, edit, compile, link, debug, use of some helpful utilities)
  2. Creation of programs with screen I/O and hints for the printing; (application types: console, standard graphics, QuickWin and Windows).
  3. Creating libraries (static libraries .lib and DLLs .dll), generation of DLLs and calling their functions
  4. Using the compiler & linker from the console or within batch files (.BAT) or from the command line
  5. Calling Windows API (Win32API) functions
  6. Mixed Language Programming
  7. Accessing databases via ODBC and SQL
  8. Possibilities of the GUI programming in Fortran (overview): Based on WinAPI, by means of the available tools; by usage of other proprietary tools (like Delphi, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder; Winteracter, GINOMENU & menu studio).
  9. Windows GUI programming: Use of the resource editor, integration and use of ressources in your program, calling and evaluation of dialogs and more.

The costs for an in-house course depend essentially on the number of participants, on the topics requested (some of them might need special preparation) and if necessary, on the costs for journey and overnight stay. No concrete offers can be posted here. A rate per day is at present approx. 1720 plus VAT (price without equipment, without expenses, without course materials). For our standard course materials (see above course documents) we charge 48 plus VAT per participant. We work out a concrete quotation on inquiry. Please ask. Contact person is Mr Kuthe (phone +49(0)30/92900870).

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