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How to call WinAPI functions in Fortran?

The basis of the programming of Windows applications is the comprehension of the Windows Application Programming interface program interface (abbreviated WinAPI). The one-day course imparts the necessary knowledge to you. It shows you

Abb.: Common dialog for file selection - programmed in Fortran using a WinAPI call

You learn the most important WinAPI data types and you get to know their equivalences in Fortran so that you can easily convert WinAPI declarations in Fortran notation. You learn the difference between "call by reference" and "call by value" and you will learn to work with the standard call convention. With this, you acquire not only the ability to call WinAPI functions but also the basis of mixed language programming. I.e.v., you can call functions contained in DLLs which are written in other programming languages. The course imparts moreover fundamental knowledge about the topics "release of the stack storage" and "hidden length argument" and will provide you with various other tips and hints of an expert

Course composition: The training consists of lectures followed by practical exercises at the PC with a compiler system of your choice.

Duration: approximately 8 hours, including two breaks of 15 minutes and one lunch break of 45 minutes

Course language: English or German

Course documents: The course documents are available in English and German and consist of a tutorial (here is a description) and software on CD-ROM with example programs written in Fortran.

Target audience: The course addresses users of Absoft Fortran for Windows, Compaq/Digital/Intel Visual Fortran, Lahey LF90 & LF95 and Salford/Silverfrost FTN95 who would like to use WinAPI functions in their programs.

Required knowledge and experience: You should be able to use one of the compiler systems mentioned before; you should have Fortran programming experience, Fortran 90 linguistic proficiency (commands like MODULE, USE, TYPE, INTERFACE or KIND should be familiar to you); you should be able to use the Windows operating system (copy files, using Windows File Explorer, open a DOS box for example)

Next date (open to the public): Thursday, 29th Nov. 2012 (course held in German)
Registration deadline: 3 weeks before begin of the course
: Berlin, Germany
Registration form (German)
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Maximum number of attendees: 8

If you are interested that this course is being performed in your company or at our house, please ask. If you belong to one of those numerous Fortran "lone fighters", and therefore a company specific training doesn't make sens to you, nevertheless call (+49(0)30/92900870) or send an email. We do our best to arrange small training groups from several single interested parties (3 participants already suffice) and then to organize a training "apart from plan" according to your wishes.

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