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Toolkit für die Entwicklung graphischer Programme unter Windows, MacOSX und Linux in Fortran

Neue Version 11.0

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Winteracter 11.0 is now available. Details of new features are here:


In addition to a significant number of new features, there are some important changes to licensing, pricing and supported compilers which you should be aware of:

  1. Simplified licensing and pricing
    There are now just three Winteracter licences, one each for Windows, Linux and Mac. Each licence now includes versions for ALL supported compilers on the corresponding platform. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are included. When ordering it is therefore no longer necessary to quote the target compiler or program type. Simply specify one of Windows, Linux or Mac.

    In line with this simplification, the price for a new commercial licence is now set at GBP595($795).

    Similarly, upgrade pricing has also been streamlined The differentiation between single and dual target licence upgrade prices has been dropped, as has the single/dual target conversion fee. There is now one simple set of five upgrade prices, graded by the age of the licence. Prices start at GBP175($245) for a commercial licence upgrade from 10.10. For the full table of upgrade prices see the updated price list at the address:

    Winteracter Preisliste (Updates & neue Lizenzen)

  2. Compilers
    Version 11.0 substantially extends Winteracter's support for GNU gfortran. Existing Windows gfortran support has been expanded to include the latest GCC 7.1 release. Significantly, Linux and Mac licences now include gfortran implementations for the first time (both are 64-bit). This release is also compatible with LF7.8/LGF Rainier on Windows.

    Support for the following compilers has been dropped at v11.0: Lahey LF90/Elf90 4.x, Lahey LF95 5.0/5.5/5.6, Digital/Compaq Visual Fortran 5.0/6.x, g95 (Linux and Mac) and Open64 (Linux).

  3. Free 10.10 Updates Customers who purchased v10.10 on or after 1/May/2017 are entitled to receive free v11.0 updates. Licence emails for these free updates will be sent out shortly.

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